WD5000AAKS Reported As Wrong Size


Recently, I replaced my old 160gb drive with this shiny new 500gb model.  My roommate cloned the old drive onto the new one for me, and it went well, except for one problem: Windows XP apparently thinks I’m still using the old drive.  It lists the drive as being 149gb, instead of 400 something.

I’ve looked around online, and havent found anything helpful. Any suggestions?

Can Disk Management see the remainder of the drive as “unallocated”? If not, is the drive now being reported as a 160GB drive in the BIOS?


I actually resolved this, using EASUS Partition Master.  It was free, and pretty easy too.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, my guess is that when my old HD was copied to the new one, the old partition information remained the same.