WD5000AAKS re-alignment?

I’m using a WD5000AAKS as the win7 OS drive from a clean install. At setup I clicked on the 1st partition to be used for the OS. The partition had a WinXP OS on it before. I clicked “Format” and the Win7 OS installed successfully. However, it doesn’t seem to be aligned: I went to msinfo32 and checked the ‘partition starting offset’ which is 32,256 bytes and divided it by 4096 bytes and it’s 7.875.

Do I need to re-align it (to, say, 4k?) If so, how do I do it without reformatting it? Do I use WD Align Tool?

Alignment “tools”  will show which drive is “alignable” and is it alignable.  Most Green EARS drive need the align tools for more than one partition and if the the operating system is XP.