WD5000AAKS drive works ok for a short time then drops off line, not visible on Device Mgr

Hi Newby here.

I have a media pc on my home system network. I also have a main pc and a laptop.

I upgraded with the above drive on both desktops, the one on the mediapc is ok for a while. then it becomes unavailable.

I check on Device manager and it is not there suggesting it is the drive.

If I power down and then back on it is there again and works for a while.

I am trying to get all the data off it ASAP but each time it drops off on me.

Can anyone tell me is this a common fault?

I am trying to use the WD diagnostics and have just read about the problem of the drives not being visible unless I run the prog as administrator.

Please help

Thanks Stewpot47

Are you using it in a raid array?

Same thing here. I bought the WD5000AAKS drive on sale (that should have been a red flag) and it worked awesome for about 30 days and then FAILED! Luckily I have several back up drives and lost no data but I am out a few bucks for a dud drive. Even if this started working tomorrow I wouldn’t trust it. I suggest you drill a hole through it and throw it in the garbage. Love, Older + Wiser.


Friday, i.e. day before yesterday, I purchased 2 of these WD5000AAKS to have on my Gigabyte mobo GS965P-DS4 v.2.0.

I choosed them it for the brilliant fine reviews of a quiet, cool drive that was lontime reliable.

I am sure that warranty program will help the above friends that has troubles with it. All drives cannot be perfect,  theres always a return factor, even if its way below consumer products when it comes to harddrives having >1000000 hour MTBF (meantime before failure) factors. 

Just remeber to claim updated warranty time from purchase date, otherwisw WD will count it from manufacturing date. You just have to send/scan in your proof of purchase.

I am however a bit worried if this drive will work in a RAID0 on an Intel controller, by Intek software.  It was  no fuzz installing it, and now I have this 1Tbyte pair filled up to half with film material, images and songs.  I got a 400mbyte buffered speed on it, and I am really satisfied so far.

I am waiting for a respond on a question sent in today.  I will let youall know.

Best regards,

Lars Ahlstrom