WD5000AAKS almost dead - Any chances to repair it?

Hi everybody!
I own a WD5000AAKS. Just a week ago or so the computer started working slower and slower. I searched for lost sectors with Windows, and it seemed to repair a few bunch of them. But next time I tried to turn on my computer, it does not woke up. I had to clear CMOS and reconfigure it, and doing so I found BIOS did not find any HDs. I took the HD out of the chasis, and plugged it in a external SATA-USB adapter. It did not work. Listening at the drive when I turn it on, I heard it turning, some ugly clicks, and a sound like if it would start to speed up, … two or three times the same sequence, until it stops turning.

Thinking it already dead, I searched the internet for ways to resurrect it, and found the “fridge” trick. I used it, and I was able to recover a nice bunch of GBs the last few days. At this very moment, it comes to life using this trick from time to time, and when it does, I recover some more files.

The question is … Does anybody have a diagnosis for this drive? Could it be repaired? I know the fridge trick is not much good for the health of electronic components, and I prefer stop doing it if theres a way to repair de drive.

Thanks in advance

I’ve been watching some videos about HD repairing. Taking a look at the drive PCB, I found some parts of the plastic frame look like burnt or melted:

What do you think?


I dont recommend repair services on a hard drive. When I drive starts failing is just time to have it replaced. WD does not offer or recommend any repair services either. So, my recommendation is to have this drive replaced.

Thanks for the answer. And it’s sure I’ll replace it, but a temporary repair would let me recover all the data in the drive. There are a few GB in there I could not copy yet. And the fridge trick seems not to work anymore