WD5000AAKS-07TMA0 broken heads

Hi all,

I discovered that heads of my WD5000AAKS-07TMA0 are broken.

So my question is: Do all WD5000AAKS reviews have the same head system or are there some differences?

I would buy another WD5000AAKS-(any reviews) hard drive to grab the head system and put it into mine.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

I do not have this information but, lets see if another user can share this information with you and help out.

Thanks for the answer ArMak.

Meanwhile, searching on the web, I’ve read that to find a “donor” hard disk for head stack “transplant”, model, firmware and the 5th and the 6th chars of the DCM code must match. Others say that the model, the firmware and the last 5 chars of DCM must match, and som others only the last 5 chars of DCM code.

I think there is some confusion due to differents models and codes.

So, if some Western Digital technician could tell me the way to find a “donor” or a list of compatibles models and DCM codes will be really appreciated.

Following, some infos about my hd:

WD Caviar SE16

Model: WD5000AAKS-07TMA0

Date: 10 NOV 2007


Product of Thailand

Many thanks.

before you jump into considering head replacement, watch this video:

it actually may turn out to be a much simpler issue, and data recovery in this situation is very much guaranteed.