WD5000AAKB Bios dosn't see it

Hi, I just installed this new drive a few days ago. It installed perfectly, no issues, and was both fast, and quiet.

I generally boot up in the AM, and shut down at night, as such, it was on when I left for work.

When I came home, the Boot had frozen, showing only the slave drive present, not this new one I’d installed as master.

I’ve checked all connections, and jumpers, they are as they are supposed to be.

I’ve tried switching to the other channel,  using the new drive as slave, and removing the other drive running the new drive solo. No luck, it still can’t ‘see’ the new drive.

Put my old drive in as master, and the new one does not show as slave either.

all of the above with the apropriate jumper settings.

Put the old drive in solo, and the machine boots fine.

I’m thinking I got a bum drive, did I miss anything?

It looks like a bad drive, you can try this drive in another computer?