wd5000aajs 500gb external fried?


I had this WD as an external HDD.  I had to reformat my internal HDD  and reinstall windows and forgot to turn off my external HDD.  I have now conected this HDD to a docking port.  It shows in computer management as disc 5 unknown and i cannot initialize the disc and get a data error (cyclic redundancy check).  In device manager it shows as usb mass storage device in both disk drives and usb controllers.  It says the device is operating correctley.  I have run the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool and it show the HDD as having 0gb but it passes all the test, which are over in a nano second.  I have also used testdisk-6.14-wp but keep getting read errors.  There is no important data on the disc but i would like to recover the disc if possible to use as backup.  Fried or Alive?



Try writing zeroes to the drive with the WD DLG tool.

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Tried writing zeros to the drive it completed immediatley still showing 0gb on disc.  In testdisk it is picking up117gb approx but all sectors have read errors. 

Any other ideas?