WD5000AAJB Controller needed

All, my backup hard-drive that I have been using seems to have controller problems. I am looking for an IDE controller board to see if I can pull some data off of it and put onto my NEW Element backup HD. I am fairly sure it is the controller, as I can hear the head move, and I have tried 3 different USB to IDE interfaces, and they all three act the same.

Remove the PCB and use a soft white pencil eraser to shine up the 20-pin preamp pads on the board. These are often affected by oxidation.

After finally getting the tamper-torx wrenches, I was able to take off the controller PCB. but… it still isin’t happy. It seems to try to run for a few seconds, then it resets and starts over. It does this for a few times and then it just sits there. I can see the LED on the enclosure change from green to red during these reset times. It was acting this way in the other enclosures also, so it isn’t just this one.

Thanks for your input about cleaning up the pads.