WD5000AADS frozen in windows xp


I’m not happy anyway with muy HDD. It was bought on September, 2009, and I’m reading tons of articles and post about the famous high LCC.

Is a real issue: my desktop PC is frozen about 6 times/hour and I didn’t get the reason … until I will test the HDD in another PC with the same HW (Asus P5KPL-AM SE, 2 GB Kinston 800MHz, Pentium E6300, Intel G31 chipset). What I discovered? Yes, the same behaviour:  the PC became slow somtimes and without any reason: only using IE and no more SW (antivirus only)

Then, I put my hands working and I saw the SMART tabble with Everest Ultimate SW: ¡¡129.000 Load count cycles!! ¡¡In 7 months!! I don’t use PC as server and I use to switch off at nights. How is possible my HDD is old with that age?

I read over many webs how to disable the parking-head feature of this HDD with wdidle3.exe and so I did it, it works fine, I used: wdidle3.exe /S0  …  and disable completely the function

But … ¡¡the HDD hang-up 3 times per hour !! About 30 seconds per hang-up, it’s better now but I think that is older than it must be with 7 months.

IS there any firmware or any action to do to improve the HDD? How could I avoid the hang-up ? Is very awful to work that way, for example: I recorded a TV-show of 2 hours and when I’m going to play the file, mpg, I see frozen images and jumps !!  Very very bad for a WD HDD

This is the SMART Table with Everest, help is welcome thank you very much


Miguel Angel from Spain (Malaga)

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