WD5000AADS formatted, want to install on XP computer

I tried installing the hard drive with no jumper and the second XP Home Editon install fails after 4 weeks. The first install was difficult. 

I have formatted, zeroed completely, the hard drive.

I ran the Data Lifeguard hard drive test and it finishes with no hard drive errors.

When using Acronis software, I think it is acronis True Image 10 on a boot CD a message appears , "Starting Acronis Loader… Acronis Loader: No configuration fie present, Press to reboot…

How should I proceed to install Windows XP Home Edition?

I can open the Recovery Console with the Windows XP cd but I am not familiar with the Recovery Console.

I found an Easeus boot partition manager cd and formatted the hard drive in the NTFS format and installed Windows XP Home Edition.

 What I am worried about is the previous 2 failed installs and am wondering what effect the 3rd party partitioning will have on the installation.

 I like the 3rd party software I used and I used it before and it has alot of features and being a boot cd is very useful especially because I can help get other peoples computers to work properly.

 The point is the computer I just got fixed, hopefully, belongs to someone else so would like any feedback. 

Also could the Windows XP Service Pack 3 affect the 3rd party partitioning?