WD50000GO32 wont connect to Win 7 Home

I have WD5000GO32. I initially was able to get this to work with my windows 7 home by downloading the MioNet. I re-imaged my conputer and now I can not access it even after installing MioNet. After playing around for a while I did get the public folder to come up. But I have stored allmy stuff outside the public folder in their own folders. I would def appreciate the help to access my files.

I have the HD connected to a router and the laptop is using that routers wireless. This set up has not changed form when I was able to use the HD to now.

Looks like you have Windows 7 / MioNet security issue. If you have copied folders in to external after setting up MioNet or enabled Windows 7 Bitlocker on those files/folders, you need original certificate to open those files.

(To system to know it is really you)

You should have backed up the security certificate(s) prior to re-image your system drive. If not, your files were gone for good. (This shouldn’t happen if you create complete drive image instead of creating a system partition image).

This is only my opinion. Others may have different views….

Mabikay – SLK

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I wasn’t aware of any security certificate(s)…I don’t think I need this…I’ve had multiple laptops that I connected to the WD for all of those laptops, I installed MioNet and accessed the files locally. I do not have a MioNet paid account, so I do not access these files over the internet. I use the WD only as a local storage device.

I have never had to install security certificate(s) to any of those laptops. When I initially used the WD in my current laptop before re-imaging, I did not have to add any security certificate(s).


It seems you didn’t understand what I meant. Security certificates are automatically generated encrypted keys. They are being used for user authentication in the back ground in Windows NT (XP onwards) systems.

Since you have used your WD drive as a wired/wireless storage device, files that you want to access are stored with high level of security. (Public folders are open to everyone and no authentication is required)

To remedy this issue, you need to open properties of those folders from an accessible PC with admin rights and then share them with newly imaged PC’s user account.

For this you need to have Windows network admin experience. It is not an easy task to walk you through each step over this process from here.

Read file/folder sharing on network FAQ on Windows help system for more info. And this is not your external drive specific issue. In another words your drive has no problem.

Mabikay - SLK

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