WD5000 - Power just died

I was attempting to back up photos from my Mac to my WD External Harddrive.  All was going fine, then the connection was lost, drive disappeared from my computer drives and hard drive powered off.  I tried another outlet to no avail.  I have ALL my photos on this harddrive - except the recent ones that I was trying to save on it.  Please tell me my hard drive didn’t die.

Hi, as a troubleshooting step try connecting the hard drive directly to the Mac, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs. Try running a test using Disk Utility. Check the link below for the steps.

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac 

Thanks for your response.  How do I connect the hard drive directly to my Mac without using a USB connection? I tried connecting to the computer with and without the power supply and it doesn’t appear in the Disk Utility window.