WD5000/500GB, does it beep?

  1. Does the internal WD Blue WD5000LPCX - 500GB internal in Dell Inspiron - beep? If so what does it mean (three beeps, pause, three beeps, etc.)
  2. If it does not beep, can it cause the Motherboard to beep?

Symptoms: After sitting idle for an hour or so, Dell Inspiron would produce three beeps, pause, three beeps, etc… then stop beeping and work fine. No other errors, SMART showed no errors, no POST errors. Dell replaced the mother board, and I/O boards and cables, still produced the problem. The beeping was very infrequent, could happen after a few minutes of idle time or a few hours of idle time. If active (ie hardware test/burn in), no beeping. Only when on and idle for some time. I did notice that when it beeps and I pick up the laptop using one hand from the right edge center, the beeping immediately stopped. Dell wanted to reload windows, but I said no - its hardware. After sending it back twice and having MB and I/O cards replaced, still a problem. So I removed the bottom cover, and let it sit. When it beeped, I tapped the hard drive and it stopped. So I replace the HD with SSD and beeping stopped… The hard drive is located right where my hand would be when I picked up the laptop with my right hand on the right edge. Pressure on the HD from my hand would cause the drive to stop beeping.

So is the HD capable of beeping or, if not, is it capable of making the mb beep in such a manner. What does it mean?

Thanks in advance…

3 beeps from a mainboard is a memory error best I can find. Do a google search for “mainboard beeps 3 times”.

Thank you for the reply. But I’ve already been down that path. Performed memory tests, no problems. Swapped memory, same issue. Replaced MB, same issue. Looking for WD specialist to tell me if WD Blue can beep itself or not.