WD40EZRZ not viewing 4tb

I just bought a blue WD40EZRZ and when I try to format it only show one partition of 1.67Tb.
I’ve use Wint7 on external USB drive . I Have format some 6tb before but this one doesn’t show more than 1.67tb. I’ve use Win7 Disk manager, Acronis, EaseUs, WD Quick formatter and they all show only one partition of 1,67. And yes it’s not MBR, it’s GPT. Do you have an idea on this one. Thanks at advance.

Hi djdan_Bi,

Did you erase the WD Blue hard drive with diskpart commands? If issue still persists, use Data Lifeguard Diagnosis tool to check the health status and erase drive in appropriate file format to check the complete data storage.