WD40EZRX disappears after windows spins it down

I have a 4TB WD40EZRX drive installed into my Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit computer. Windows power settings are set to spin down the drives after 15 minutes. Sometimes, after the drives have been spun down the 4TB WD drive never comes back when Windows spin the drives back up again. The drive is not detected at all in My Computer, Disk Management or the Device Manager.

If I restart the computer, the drive is still not detected. If I power the computer off and then turn it on the drive works like nothing happened to it.

I’ve tried different SATA ports, different SATA cable and a different SATA controller with no change in this issue.

Are there issues with these drives being suspended? Is there any other workaround besides disabling the sleep setting in Windows power management?

Hi, other than changing the power setting on Windows I have no other useful idea. I have 2 WD20EFRX which are WD Red as well, however my settings are set to never spin down the drives.

Well, since I disabled the spindown on the hard drive in Windows I have not lost the drive.

Looks like the drive is tooooo slow to spin up, or a firmware update is needed on the hard drive.

Any idea if there is a firmware update for this drive?