WD40EZAZ fails to initialise due to i/o erro

I have added the internal drive to my system yesterday.
At first I made a partition and the drive was accesible.
Then at some stage I started transferring files this worked out fine.
But then the energy saving mode kicked in on my computer and I ended that and the drive was no longer accesible.
I cannot get the drive to initialize.

I changed all the cables but did not work.
All my drivers are up to date.
The overview says the drive is working correctly.

But on initialisation it says i/o error
Chkdsk its not accesible

Is there a way to do a hardware reset on this drive or should I consider it lost?

@Lemmies, To initialize a secondary hard drive in Windows, please refer to this link: How to initialize or write a signature to a secondary hard drive or Solid State drive in Windows

Also, as the disk is showing an I/O error,Please refer to the following article for troubleshooting steps: Error: "DISK I/O ERROR", "INVALID SYSTEM DISK", or "NO OS FOUND" while trying to boot your Windows computer