Wd40efrx rom

Hi all,
I’ve had a failure with one of these drives from a WD MyCloud product. The drive was alive briefly during an attempt at recovery, but quickly started to throw errors when attempting to clone to drive.

I have some spare drives of the exact same model number and logic board part.

When I use the logic board from the broken drive, the drive fails to appear in the BIOS, though Linux tries to load the drive without success.

If I try a logic board from a spare (working) drive, the bios sees the drive but with 0g capacity. Linux again tries to open the drive at ata5 and the drive makes a small clicking noise.

Is this possibly to do with needing to swap the rom chip over on the logic board? Or will that not solve this issue?

Hi: theneb

The newer WD Drives are configured so you cannot do a PCB swap. (ie. even in the printed circuit boards are identical the information in the ROM or Microcontroller is unique to the specific hard drive platters.

See the video at Donordrives

See my comments on “is PCB replacement possible?”