WD40EFRX Recertified

Hi i’m new and nice to meet all of forum, i’m recentily buy from a store a second hand ?(like new) Wd red 4TB but when arrive i see that are a recertified drive…i run all test of wlgdiag…i run a full sector scan…so the drive are ok…but i not sleep very well…
I search on network and i see that recertified drive have only 6 month of warranty but if i scan my drive serial number show me that are almost 3 year…

so i a new drive? is a wrong? on the label i see October 2019.

Anyone know a method to know very story of a drive??

thank’s to all

WD recertified products may consist of customer return units and may be repaired. All products are tested and determined to meet WD’s stringent quality standards before they are sold as recertified. Please note that some recertified items may have marks, scratches, or other slight signs of wear.

All recertified products carry manufacturer’s limited warranty of 6 months.


Ok thankyou cor the reply…Ok but why if i check warranty i see 3 year??