WD40EFRX Format

If this is not the correct Topic group I apologise. We have just bought one of these drives and there are three partitions;
107.64GB Unallocated
1940.36B Unallocated
1678.02GB Unallocated
The OS is Windows 10 Pro. Right clicking on the drive does not offer the formatting option so how do I resize/format these partitions?
By the way my sight is bad so pale blue text on a white background is extremely difficult to read.

Hi there,

You can right click on each partition and delete it, this way you should have only 1 unallocated drive with the correct size.

Thank you ArMark for your reply. Right clicking on the original drive in the machine gives the opportunity to make changes, doing the same to this drive only offers ‘New simple volume’, ‘Properties’ and ‘Help’. A 2TB standard Western Digital drive was added earlier and installed with no trouble.

Has anyone any ideas on this problem which is becoming a bit urgent. I have asked the question on Microsoft TechNet who have made a number of suggestions which have not resulted in success. I think their most recent suggestion amounted to ‘go away’.

The unit may have a file system issue or may not be properly initialized. What if you write zeros to the hard drive to completely clean it and start over? Initialization as GPT as opposed to MBR should allow a single 4TB partition to be made.

You can use WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows in order to write zeros.

This WD drive model sounds like a 4 TB WD Red drive of a couple of years ago. What are you installing it into? A new drive should be completely blank, so wonder why it is formatted etc, at all. What format are you trying to install on it?

I have installed the WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and at present it is working through the extended test which it predicts will take another 6 hours. Then I will fill the disk with zeros and ones and see what happens. The disk is a ‘Red Top’ but the date on it is October 2016. I will report back when the tests are finished.

The Diagnostics program has completed an extensive test which took 12 hours but found no faults. I will start the erase option tomorrow…

The erase option has completed and I was presented with two unallocated sections, one of 2048GB and the other of 1678.02GB. I have been able to format the first section so it is now a healthy primary partition but the second section remains stubbornly the same as before, I can neither remove it or extend the other. Is there a limit on partition size? What can I do to make the second section available please?

Contact WD Support.