WD40EFRX 3 noises in series+not recognized (video)


I’m searching the cause of this particular noise to try if possible a repair. Those sounds are not clicks, and the disk is absolutely not recognized by win 10. I’m waiting for a pcb tu try to change it, but if somebody know exactly what this triple noises are??

(The noises are at the end)

Update: I replaced the pcb with a new one after swaping the bios, but the HDD keep making the exact same noises…
Before doing this and for testing purposes I tried at first to launch the disk with my new pcb without touching his bios: the disk appear in the disk management, but the initialisation in GPT always failed beacause of redundance problem or something. I thought the bios swap would make a difference, but no…

Hello Sylvain,

I have the exact same HDD, and i’m going through the same issue, not recognized by win, and i hear the exact triple noises.

I just wanted to know if you have found any solution to fix this issue, I really need to fix mine.

Thank you, and have a nice day !