WD4003FZEX only shows 1677.90 GB instead of 4 TB

Windows 7 64-bit on Dell T3500, RST

In the Windows disk management utility, the drive shows as unallocated and I’ve configured it as GPT basic. At first I thought this was the 2TB limitation, but the size is wrong for that as it’s quite a bit less.

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you need to have RST v11 or v13 to update Win 7 chipset to recognise GPT large disks correctly.

Latest version is 13.2 – https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&FamilyId=42&ProductID=2101&ProdId=2101

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Well, that was too easy. Thanks! Do you have any idea how updating will affect the existing RAID configurations? I have a pair of disks in RAID 0. Will that get wiped out? Thanks!

shouldn’t affect them, but always have backups of your data.  RAID is great untl it goes wrong… :slight_smile:

Upgraded RST, but now Windows Disk Management sees two partitions, one 2048GB and the other the remainder. Options for deleting the volume first partition are greyed out, as are options for converting the whole thing to GPT, etc. So something is still not compatible. Is it possible that the SATA controller hardware is too old regardless of the driver? It’s part of the motherboard chipset, but I haven’t had any luck yet figuring out the model number. Thanks!

Duh. Had a page file on the drive in question, and that caused most disk manager functions to be disabled. Moved it and can see all now. Converted to GPT and have one 4TB volume. Yay!

nice one…


Thanks for that statement.

So anyone have a link to change to GPT?