WD4002FFWX set LBS (logical block size) to 4096-bit (4kib)

Meanwhile I have five (5) of this HDDs, my target for my NAS is 16 (2*LSI9211i), 9+3 (RAID-Z3) + 4 Spares.
These HDD are PBS (physical block size) 4096-bit (4kib), this recognizable in Linux with Code:
hdparm -I /dev/sde output:
Logical Sector size: 512 bytes
Physical Sector size: 4096 bytes
Now I try just to format (after making GPT) with Code:
mkfs.ext4 -F -b 4096 /dev/sde -v but the LBA remain at 512 bit.
In this thread I found another command Code: hdparm --set-sector-size 4096 /dev/sde, the output give me following:

Use of --set-sector-size is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
This will likely destroy all data on the drive.
Please also supply the --please-destroy-my-drive flag if you really want this.
Program aborted. I thought was a joke of hdparm or Linux. Afterwards I use hdparm --verbose --set-sector-size 4096 --please-destroy-my-drive /dev/sde, (I think) the most significant output-lines are these:
APT: No idVendor found -> not USB bridge device
ATA_16 stat=00 err=00 nsect=00 lbal=00 lbam=00 lbah=00 dev=00
oflags.bits.lob_all=0xfc, flags={ nsect lbal lbam lbah dev command }
oflags.bits.hob_all=0x3c, flags={ nsect lbal lbam lbah }
using LBA48 taskfile
ATA_16 stat=00 err=00 nsect=00 lbal=00 lbam=00 lbah=00 dev=00

anyway here my question:
How to “manipulate” LBA/LSS/LBS with hdparm in Linux or exist an WD-program (even for Windows) for doing this?

My intention is to install Linux on ZFS, in this case and if I don’t solve this issue, I will have 4096 physical, 512 logical and 4096 on the top from ZFS but even for Linux ext4 and even as data-storage it will be advantageous to set LBA 4kib.

Thanks and sorry for long write

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I understood now that the LBS can be changed only on Drive site and not on OS site.
Do anyone know how to set logical block size to 4096 bit (4k)?
Is there a firmware, firmware-upgrade or program for those HDDs?