WD4000MT passport does not work on Macbook

My passport used to work on macbbok…now MB does not recognize MB…then it fixed itself and worked once.

Now it is slow to even light up and message said disk was ejected improperly…I didn’t touch anything!

Disc utilities says it is not formatted…when it  worked it did not say that…it showed about 250gbs were used…now it clicks occasionally, and is very slow to even light up. Tried another macbook and is also not recognized.

If usb cable is bad it wouldn’t even register on disk utilities right???What to do? please help.

thanks for all replies.

If the drive is recognize, you would need to run the “Verify Disk”

from the Disk Utility to check the condition of the Passport drive.

If it finds anything is wrong with it, try running the “Repair Disk”. 

If anything is not improve after done that,

You need to contact WD tech support for further help.