WD4000aaks-00tma thailand mar 2007 controller chip is burned. please help me

WD4000AAKS-00TMA0 made in thailand  02 MAR 2007


WWN : 50014EE2AA

PCB : 2061-701477-800-AB XC 4D04 0JUC

PWB : 2060-701477-001

Below of question has whole story I wrote.


I really hope to there is only PCB problem ( It has to be ) It’s just instantly gone. 

  1. I have other two 4000AAKS-00TMA0 hdds. So I tried to swap PCB. but it was not work.

Two 4000aaks is PCB : 2060-701477-800 AB XS ~, made in Malayia, 27 Dec 2006, alos v2 mark on foxconn connector.

So I tryed 2061-701477-800-AB XC named pcb. However It was very difficut to get it.

This is question : How can I check compatible pcb for my HDD. Is there kind of version problem?

I found several 4000AAKS-00TMA0 ( also thailand ) however code was not same. 

So I want to know It’s possible to change with other pcbs like AE XC or AF XT made in Thailand.

Is it possible to change with 5000AAKS pcbs or others?

I found many 5000AAKS has almost same PCB code also there is tons of 5000AAKS

2)I heared If I can get proper PCB, I can recover HDD even though Raid 0.

Is that correct?  I learn there will be problem with ROM inclued serial number though.

  1. Where can I find good service provider. I know good HDD recovery service provider in South Korea.

But It was really expensive.

Frankly speaking I don’t have enough money to use HDD recovery service. So I’m trying DIY.

My english is not so good because of I’m not using enlish long time.

So please consider me.

I learnd english typing with old text adventure game like larry, king’s quest, search for the king etc…

This is my situation.

1)I’m using Raid0 with three WD 4000AAKS model.

  1. I plug in my 400gb HDD to power cord and boot pc. ( I changed PSU )

  2. Bios did’nt recognize 1 HDD, other two is OK>

  3. ) I tryed to figure it out what’s the problem.

So I changed cord then I find there is no motor sound.

  1. Now I finally recognize I’m use wrong wired cord. It was my mistake.

  2. I checked pub then I found It’s burued.

  3. So I tryed to swap PCB with other Two. Motor sound is now working

But freeze when booting bios screen.

* other 2 4000aaks hdd was made in mayasia. and has little bit other pcb cord name.

2061-701477-800-AB XS 4D04 also there is V2 mark on foxconn connector.

I’ll attach photo

I believe pcb is just gone. So If I change compatible PC It’ll work.

However I found there is ROM and Serial Number trouble.

It take a long time for learing this problem. 

Also I went to Korea biggest Computer Market ( Yong San ) then I failed to find same pcb.

Actually WD4000AAKS model was somthing rare even though there was lots of  320Gb and 500Gb.

I found just few of WD4000AAKS (made in thailand) and I took a pictures.

Thanks reading very long my bad englsih question.

I looking forward to your great suggestions.

Sorry. I think image link was missing. So I put them again.

I don’t understand why image is bronken again. I do again.



Your board’s “adaptive” data are embedded within the Marvell 88i6745 MCU. This means that you will need a PCB adaptation service to rebuild the flash memory in your replacement PCB.

Depending on the damage, it may also be that the preamp inside the HDA is damaged, in which case your HDD will require a headstack replacement.

Can you measure the resistances of D4, D3, R64, and R67 in the following photo?

Use the 200 ohms range of your multimeter.

Thank you so much.

You hear my pitiful voice.  

I measured ohm around 10 times but I’m not sure it was proper way.

( I’m not good at electronics. It was hard to figure it out measuring Ohm,

All the time measuring number was not the correctly same. )

I’m using two digital meters I have own. and I use auto range mode.

Mastech MS8209 (5in1 Digital Multimeter)

R64 0.2 ~ 0.3 ohm

R67 0.2~0.3 ohm

D3 around 27 k ohm

D4 0.450 ~ 0.550 m ohm

Tae Kwang TK-3201 (Pocket Digital Multimeter)

R64 02.0 ~03.3 ohm

R67 02.0 ~ 02.0 ohm

D3 68~74.9 k ohm

D4 0.456 ~0.564 m ohm

I really hope it can make great solution. I still have hope.

I do not want think about HDA is ruined. It’s really horrible.

I heard at this situation, I have to spend big money for fixing.

I’ll looking forward to your great solutions soon.

I also checked beep sound. 

( I do not have knowledge about electronic. )

R64, R67 has beep sound, D3,D4 has no beep sound.

The diodes and resistors measure OK, so there does not appear to have been an overvoltage on either of the +5V or +12V inputs as I originally suspected. Also, I cannot see any damage on the motor controller IC. Therefore I believe that the preamp is most probably OK.

Instead, the damage to the MCU looks like the kind of damage I have seen when a user has plugged a floppy drive power conector into the drive’s jumper block. Is that what you did?

In any case, a replacement PCB is unlikely to work without an “adaptation” service. This means that the MCU’s embedded flash data will need to be reconstructed from backups in a hidden System Area (SA) on the platters. This requires special data recovery software such as WDR-UDMA. Otherwise, if you are prepared to ship your drive overseas, you could try asking at The HDD Oracle forum.


Thanks a million

I did a foolish thing. I made a big mistake with wiring SATA power cord.

When I using Molex Sata Connector. I hook up cord to wrong pin holder.

I’m not exactly remember, I did a mistake with black, red, balck pin.

That’s why MCU is burned. I think.   

Actually I didn’t recognised at that time. so I did a same mistake with other HDD because of HDD was not working.

But other HDD had no problems. So first time plug in HDD is just gone.

I asked to the others.

Answer was almost same. I think.

If you can get PCB : 2061-701477-800 AB / 2060-701477-001 Rev XX, it’ll be OK


Problem is MCU is ruined and It’s not in U12. That’s why need a special treatment.



So I try to understanding it. ( shortly summarizing )  I’m started to confusing.


1) For only swapping PCB, I have to find perfectly matched HDD with same country, almost same date the others.


2) If not, I have to find same PCB

( PCB : 2061-701477-800 AB / 2060-701477-001 Rev XX rest of code is less impoartant )


3) It will need a adaptation or someting.


MCU w/t ROM is gone, So it’s not simple thing. So recovery from SA will needed, you said.




I’m just confusing even PCB was not from WD4000AAKS,  for example from WD5000AAKS, It will be matched?


I mean just same PCB Code ( PCB : 2061-701477-800 AB / 2060-701477-001 Rev XX rest of code is not important) It will be OK or not.


Becasue of WD3200 or WD5000 is very easily can get than WD4000.



Thanks to your help, I’m learning so much about HDD. I can have little bit hope more and more.

I’m really depending on you. Thanks a million again.

I’ll try The HDD Oracle forum.


( I made more questions becuse of confusing. )



I learned english typing with Old Text ADV. games. anyway…



I’m getting started comfusing. I made a diagram.

Actually I’m not sure " matched PCB" part of diagram.

Sorry I think picture link was broken, I linked again. again. 

Diagram was not correct info. because of my misunderstanding.

The short answer is that there is probably no DIY solution for you. However, there may be someone at The HDD Oracle forum who will help you if you are prepared to ship your drive to Europe.

The following article shows you what is contained within the flash memory (“ROM”) on a typical WD PCB.

Analyis of the “ROM” on a Western Digital ROYL HDD:

At the end of the ROM are several firmware modules (“MODs”). MODs 30 and 47 are unique to each drive and must be copied from patient to donor. I expect that the head map (MOD 0A) will probably differ between the WD4000AAKS and WD5000AAKS.

The drive also has numerous firmware MODs stored in a hidden System Area (SA) on the platters. The SA is sometimes referred to as “negative cylinders” or “Service Area”.

The following database contains resource dumps for various HDDs:

If the PCB’s ROM is damaged, then sometimes it is possible to find a backup in the SA. Typically, MOD 109 contains the main body of the ROM code, MOD 102 is a backup of MOD 0A, MOD 107 backs up MOD 0B, MOD 105 backs up MOD 30, MOD 103 backs up MOD 47, and MOD 104 backs up MOD 0D.

A tool such as WDR-UDMA can access the SA, rebuild the ROM image from the SA backups, and then write it to your donor PCB.

BTW, your English is quite OK. I lived in Korea about 30 years ago but all I learned was the Hangul alphabet and a few phrases. I can read Hangul, but I don’t understand what I’m reading, unless it is a menu or a translated English word. BTW, IIRC my Korean workmates used to get their electronic parts from an area they called Chongechon (?). It was like a market with lots of little shops selling odds and ends.

Thanks a zillion.

I’ve got your point.  Thanks. 

There is more short  questions. I’m expecting your kindness.

  1. If I have chance to get pefectly same HDD ( Thai, Mar 2007, WD-4000AAKS or It should has same code

 2061-701477-800 AB XC 4D04 ) It  can be possible to swap PCB and work OK?  I konw it’s almost impossible now.

I heard a lot It’ll work OK.  Also many person exprienced same thing they said. 

  1. I was used using RAID 0 with Tree HDD. I heard recovering RAID 0 is harder than the others. 

Also It made a cost a lot for recovering.  So I just worry about this situation. 

Frankly speaking, rest of Your article was so complcated for me.  I’m just homeuser.

( I just  understand short part of your article.)

So I’ll read carefully until I understanding it. Then I’ll search HDD oracle.

Then May I’ll give you a questions.

I’m so flattered.

I alomst forgot grammer & spell. I write just what I’m thinking.  

Wow you used to live in Korea 30 years ago!  You’re older than I’m imagine. Sorry

You’re right. Nearby Chungechun, there is a lot of Market include electronics ( Name is SeOon ) 

Nowaday many electonic store is move to the other place.

My shop ( I’m working with Curtain things) place on also nearby Chungechun - DongDaeMoon ) 

Also YongSan is famous in Korea but many of off-line market in Korea going to die because of more than 90% of 

Korean person buy computer from on-line. anyway. Too much change is happen in Korea. 

Thanks a zillon again.

I have seen cases where users have been lucky with a straight board swap, but the chances are very low.

I would try to find a PCB from a drive manufactured at the same factory, close to the same date, and with an identical model number, including the suffix.

Thanks a Trillion!

Now I’m still studying from site you suggested.  Also from links and keyword, I can reach to other info. Thanks. 

After I’m cleared to know then I’ll ask.  

( I didn’t know about SA, and what’s the actual swap means etc…util my HDD ruined and you gave me rich info. )

Also I have plan to wirte whole my story about my stupidity include Korea DR situation that I know. poor english though.

I’ll do my best before I lost present.