WD400 doesn't work after putting the wrong current to the 12v and 5v power pins

I bought a sharkoon external drive case for my WD400 IDE drive. Sharkoon switched the drive power connector by 180 degrees on its controller board in its drive case. I wasn’t expecting such a stupid mistake by the supplyer. So by plugging in my drive I put 12V on the 5V pins of the drive en 12V on the 5V pins of the drive. The drive doesn’t spin up anymore and the computer says unknown hardware. (After readjusting the connector other hard drives works fine in the external case leaving me with a brooken WD400)

Someone told me that there are fuses on the circuitboard of harddrives. These fuses become shortcuts after an overpower. Just by desolderdered these fuses the drive will work again (now without the overpower protection). Does anyone know where to find these fuses on the controler board of the WD400 Rev A0 drive?

Hi pcteiger, sorry to hear your hard drive got damaged. Hard drive repairs are not supported, but you can contact any of the recommended data recovery companies on the WD support page. There are also some users on the forum with experience on hard drive repairs. I recommend you to check some of the post from  fzabkar.

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