WD3TB Essential - Not recognised by WDTV Live or TV

For some time now I’ve used WDTV Live to watch movies and TV series etc direct from WD External hard drives. I have also used WD External HD’s to watch the same via a USB cable direct to the TV.

More recently I purchased a WD3TB Essential external HD with USB 3.0 so that I could have my 2TB of movies on one ExtHD. The problem is neither the WDTV or my TV (Two HD flat screens LG & Samsung) can see any folders on the WD3TB. Both display similar messages “Device has no video files” or “device is empty” which was pretty scary at first until I checked on my computer and saw the files are all still there and can be played direct onto the desktop.

Is the WD Essential designed to be used in the same way as the normal external HD’s and with my TV? Or am I missing something here because I might as well have gone with Seagate if it’s only to use as a storage for backup files.

Has anyone else encountered the same problem? If so is there a solution?:dizzy_face:

The WDTV will need a firmware update to recognize the 3TB drive as it should since the feature was only added recently, on regards to your TV you’ll need to check if your TV supports 3TB drives since they are built differently from -2TB drives, and if it does support 3TB, on what file system? That drive is NTFS.

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