WD360ADFD on Older Biostar Board

Hello.  I am attempting to install a WDRaptor WD360ADFD HDD on an older biostar mobo (P4M80-M4).  There are SATA ports on the board.  The board manual says SATA I protocol.  When I plug the drive in a boot up, the drive clicks every 2 seconds and does that until I power down the machine.  I tried the “opt1” jumper settings and still get the clicks.  When I move the jumper to the 5/6 spot, I don’t get the clicks anymore, but the drive is still not seen by the mobo.  I would think it was the drive, except, I have an identical one that I bought from a guy who was using the drives in a RAID setup.  The other does the same things.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might be able to resolve this problem and get this drive to be able to be seen by the bios, please let me know.