WD3200ME Problems

I have a WD3200ME. Sometime back I made a mistake and have deleted all the software was loaded onto it.

I have downloaded the following :

I am using windows 7 Home Premium. Being that I am far from a computer genius , I hope someone can help me to recover this software. I tried to open the the above file on the computer and I get a message saying,

"There is a problem with this windows installer

A program required for this install to complete could not be run".

I want to be able to set this drive up so I can use it with my own programs on other computers when neccesary.

I had this prior to me deleteing the software.

How can I restore this ???, if it is possible.

Thanks in advance.

The program that you are referring to " External USB/FireWire Fat32 Formatting Utility" it’s only used to format (delete) the files in the passport, aside from that one and DLG, there is no official software that you can download for the passport. 

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Thanks,:smiley: I think I will just go and buy another drive.

Thanks again