New Drive purchased to replace the drive in my kids’ Aspire 0722. The computer does not recognize the new drive. I purchased the boot disks from ACER, and still did not work…downloaded the driver from WD, but can’t seem to find a way to get it to load onto the omputer without an operating system installed.


Hello Corsairball, welcome to the Community. You can check if there is a list of compatible hard drives for your laptop. If possible you can also try connecting the hard drive to another laptop or a desktop PC to see if it is recognized. 

One of two things is probably happening.

As the moderator said, perhaps the drive cannot be recognized by the PC. That is difficult to believe unless the PC is really old. Hard drives tend to be interchangable, unless your new drive is SATA 6Gbit/s and the PC only accepts 1.5Gbit/s. Do you have Acer literature which would specify the type of hard drive it was meant for?

The second is just a shot in the dark. A new drive does not have a partition on it. I guess it’s possible that the Acer cannot deal with that. If you have another PC, connect the new drive to it any way you can – internally or via an external dock – and use Computer Management (Start -> right-click on Computer -> single-click on Disk Management) to create a partition. And then try to use the drive again.