WD3200JS misreporting capacity

Here is a 320 Gig HD when checking properties it reports the size of the drive as having a capacity of 10,421,395,456 bytes or 9.70 GB.

How is this possible???  I have done done a chkdsk on this drive and it reports the same.  What happened to the lost 310 GB???

What is wrong with WD drives???

Hi there, did you first check if the drive has 320GB on your BIOS? If it does then there’s something wrong with the computer elsewhere, if it does not then it is a bad drive…

First thing I checked was the bios.  It properly identified the drive.  

I next replaced the drive with another of mine and everything was fine.  So I concluded the WD3200js drive was no longer functioning properly.  I searched the WD site for any kind of software that might be able to straighten out this drive, to no avail.

I just have bad luck with WD drives… I purchased 2 500GB drives a couple years ago and no sooner than 4 months one of the two failed.  Of course I lost the receipt so I ate the cost of the drive.

I am very disappointed with the failure rate of these drives.  And no obvious diagnostic tools available… hmmmmmm.

Go into Disk Management and check whether you have any unallocated space. CHKDSK verifies the file system in a particular logical volume (partition). It does not test the entire physical drive.