WD3200BPVT failed in laptop

My ACER laptop’s drive stopped working. Can’t get in at all. I attached the 2.5 drive to my main desktop, SATA cable to 3rd port. Powered from my power supply.

When I look in the desktop’ BIOS, the WD3200BPVT shows in the 3rd SATA slot. However, with this laptop drive attached, I have problems with memory, booting into Win 7. I was hoping to get into Windows and run Diagnostics.

I unplugged the SATA cable while the desktop was off, started the desktop and it boots, no problem.

When I try to add the 2.5 drive while already running Windows, I see nothing. It is not included in “Computer” or in the “libraries” section.

I would like to salvage this 2.5 drive, but totally not necessary. It’s the tinker in me.

I have already bought a WD black WD5000BPKT and it is doing just fine.

Happy Holidays

When connected to the computer run Recuva or TestDisk and see if able to restore the files