WD3200BEVT won't boot and is "singing"

Hi there, my partner has a HP dv7 laptop with a WD Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVT, but the drive has suddenly ceased to function.

All was running smoothly until today. When trying to bring the laptop out of hibernation the laptop was frozen and began to produce a high pitched fluctuating hum. Upon rebooting the hum persisted and we were presented with the following error:

Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system

Hard Disk (3F0)

I removed and reseated the HDD to ensure the connections were alright, but there was no change on the following boot up. No drive could be detected and resetting to default BIOS had no impact. After that, I tried the drive in my desktop computer to verify that the issue was with the drive, and sure enough the hum continued. The desktop hung on the POST for about a minute, not responding to any key press attempts to get to BIOS etc. Following that the humming stopped and the desktop defaulted to my primary HDD and booted normally.

I’m more than familiar with dead/dying drives clicking, but this repeated short humming tune is not something I’ve come across before. Can anybody enlighten me as to what this might mean and if there’s any way I’ll be able to access the drive again given the circumstances above?

Many thanks for you time!

  • Jim


As a recommendation, you can try testing the unit using DLG tool from the link below

You can burn the app to a CD and perform a full test on the unit also you will be able to write zeros to the drive and try to install the OS again on the unit.


I am afraid that your drive cannot spin up or heads are jammed against the platters. If I were you, I would do more web search - I would not try to power up the drive if the data on the drive is important and instead would seek some professional services who could open the drive in dust free environment - otherwise if you have backup, then experiment with the DLGDiag - see if it can even detect it - perhaps it may not - since BIOS cannot - I would watch for your answer to see if it detected and what was the result. Is it still under warranty.