WD3200aakx driver needed for XP

Can anyone tell me where I can get a driver for the above?

My wife’s pc is currently dead and can’t reinstall XP as it doesn’t recognise the drive and so can’t use the scanner programs as without windows, it can’t get to the driver guide servers.

All I need is the one driver and its DRIVING ME NUTS!!!



Hi it is not the hard drive that needs a driver. You need to install your sata controller driver when you install windows xp you get a option to install a third party drive by pushing f6 you need to have the controller driver on a A disc and point it to that. Those drivers would be on the cd that came with your motherboard. There are different sata controllers to know what yours is we would need to know your motherboard make and model.

Ah. I’m more used to working with the old IDE stuff and was going on what anothe forum site said. Should ahve come here first…

Its labelled a ‘ACER D1F-AD’.

Just found one on http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/acer-d1f-ad-driver/ for anyone else that needs it.

Thanks Hammey.