WD3200AAKS problem

Dear all,

I got my WD3200AAKS since 2.5 years ago, and suddendly last week I can’t see the content of the HD. When I try to click the drive in Windows, it shown the error says that the drive is unformated.

The BIOS still can detect the disk, and Windows still can recognize this as logical drive.

When I try to run WD Life Diagnostic Tools, it comes with error: “0108”. Based this error occured, is there any possibility to recover the data inside?

Some of my friends said that the problem can be on the board of the HD, is this problem can be fixed by replacing the board of the HD?



anybody can help me please?

I do not know if this is any useful at all but,

In order to eliminate a possible bad OS(I suppose Windows), you can try booting and accessing the drive from within Linux.

Just burn a cd with a live linux distro(ubuntu, for example), boot the pc from it and see if you can access the drive with all its partitions.

If the drive is physically damaged, I don’t see any other options than sending it to a company specialized in data recovery services.