WD3200AAJS is dead

After 2 and a half years  my Western digital WD3200AAJS  320Gb HD… has dead…

Is there a chance to be rapaired ? or must be remplaced and lose all the data stored ?

I have also a 40 Gb seagate HD and has 8 years of intense working, and this WD lasted only 2 years :frowning:

Does your drive spin up?

The rule of thumb appears to be that, if a drive spins up but is not detected, or if it tries to spin up, then the board is probably OK. Instead the problem is most likely with the head/disc assembly (HDA).

If, OTOH, the drive makes no noise at all, and does not attempt to spin up, then the board is probably faulty.

My desktop didn’t turned on with this WD installed. I put my old seagate adn everything looks fine but with WD the pc d’ont even turn on. Is completely dead. The mainboard and all other componets are ok.

It appears that your board may have a shorted TVS diode. This occurs when the board is overvolted.

If your power supply is OK, then you can remove the diode by desoldering it, or snipping it out with side cutters. The drive will work perfectly OK without it, albeit without protection on the affected supply rail.

If you can upload a detailed photo of the component side to a file sharing service, one of us will be able to help you identify the faulty component.

I sent it  to service and they managed to repair it.

Another question. What means atributte “95” at worst on temperature SMART atributes or how is calculated in celsius degrees.

AIUI, WD assigns a normalised value of 100 to the temperature that it considers acceptable. This may be 50C. If the temperature is lower, then the normalised value increases, signifying that the temperature is “better”. Coversely, if the temperature is higher than 50C, then the normalised value decreases. I suspect that 95 equates to 55C. However, in order to be certain, I would need to see all the values for that attribute.

Here is a screenshot with smart Attributes. I asked that because all pc programs don’t report worst temperature of HDD, all programs report current temperature only.

Sorry, I don’t see any screen shots. :frowning:

I believe you need to upload them to a file sharing service.

Edit: Sorry, I can see the image in my RSS feed:

The current normalised value of 106 equates to a temperature of 41C.

So the relationship appears to be …

normalised value = 147 - temperature in Celsius

A worst case value of 95 therefore corresponds to a temperature of 52C.

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Thank you for the answer :smiley: