WD32000BEKT Warranty

The WD website indicates 5yrs warranty on the wd3200bekt drives.  When I enter my serial number and do a warranty check it indicates the warranty expired 8/6/2012.  

The drive has a manufacture date of 07 JUN 2009.

Shouldn’t I still be under warranty? 


Hi did the drive come in  the laptop if so it only has one year warranty from the laptop manufacture. If you bought the drive and installed it in the laptop it would have the 5 year warranty.

I bought the drive at Frys or Amazon.com-- I can’t remember which one. 

How do I get it RMA’d when the WD website indicates its not under warranty?

Hi you would need to contact WD to get them to sort it. They may also require the receipt to prove when you bought the drive. When you register a drive it goes by the date you bought it.