WD30EZRZ - hdd unknown not initialized

Hello, I have this drive for about 7 month and it was working fine.
Few days ago when I turned on my PC it stopped working.
BIOS does not see it at all, Windows 10 sees it as unknown device.
I checked in Disk Management and it wants it to initialize but when I want to do it there is an error…
I tried to change SATA cables and ports, still the same.

I can hear drive spin.

Anyone any idea what to do next?

Sounds like it’s gone bad…to me.

Go here
Get the Diagnostic software and install it.
See if the WD software can find the drive.
Run the long test on the drive if it does see it.
Make a note of the error it finds or what it reports as the problem.
Then go here
(Warranty Status | WD Support)
See if it is still in warranty and if so RMA it.