WD30EZRX suddenly asking to be formatted?

I have an ASus P6T deluxe v2 motherboard so at first the drive wasn’t recognized. I went over to a buddy who has a P67 system and formatted it there to a full single drive. I’ve been using this drive as a backup since then on my system using a thermaltake blax dock just fine.

But today when I use the dock, windows asked for this drive to be formatted before it can be used. What the heck happened to this drive? How can I recover all the data without formatting?? This is urgent, please help!

If it’s data corruption then you could recover the data with free software like testDisk, PhotoRec or Recuva, but then only support MBR drives and not GPT…

EDIT: BTW, if the drive was really being used as a “backup” then you would not need to recover the data since it would still be available on the source. For the future keep in mind that if the same data is not on at least two completely separate devices at the same time, then you DON’T have a backup…

I’ve been trying testdisk for the past few days but didn’t get far. It does find the right partition but says it cannot be recovered. I’m not sure what you mean by “support MBR but not GPT” though.

3TB drives must be initialized with a GUID Partition Table instead of the legacy Master Boot Record.