Wd30ezrx slow write speed for large files

Is this normal for a wd30ezrx drive to do this while trying to back up sets of 1.5GB files? It looks like it filled the HDD cache and then decides to write the rest very slowly. 1 MB per second write speeds seems slow to me

I don’t have the same Wd30 external drive, but just completed copying batches of 5 or 6 movie folders over from my Win PC to a 1T Passport backup drive. I was getting about 100-110 MB/sec on batches of 20-30GB files. The PC is a newer HP and the 1T was directly connected to a 3.0USB port, not a 2.0USB

In your case, it is very unusual that the transfer display reduced. Maybe there was another application started up at that time, or a scheduled backup to the same drive, or you were downloading another large file that used up you transfer or Ethernet speed or PC memory. Did you finally get a better transfer or is this happening at all times or different files. USB ports don’t usually go bad.

I managed to get a good speed once copying files over the top of existing files. but if you delete the fileset and then copy the files over it starts good and then drops dramatically after a few seconds.

joejoe…Really, if you Re-save the same file from you PC onto a previously same file name, the speed is consistently good and fast, with limited speed drop? Curious! Does this observation happen on all of your large files like 1-3gig files. Is your drive new and with lots of free space. If it’s old, maybe a de-fragmentation of the HD may help…some issues you could internet search. I ran out of ideas…