WD30EZRX shows 802GB instead of 3TB

Hi there,

After trying several tools and reading this forum I’m posting this message.

I saw a few threads with (approx) the same problem but still need to find a solution.

My new WD30EZRX shows 802GB instead of 3TB. This is using my laptop with W7 64-bit, and the drive installed within a standard USB casing. I’ve tried several programs (paragon HDD manager, WD data lifeguard, EAsus part. manager) but they all see a drive with around 802GB of unallocated space, GPT formatted. Scanning, fixing, diagnostic… I’ve tried everything but it all doesn’t matter a bit.

I don’t need to recover any data or sorts, just need a tool to format this drive within the right specs. Any help is much appreciated!

Kind regards, Daan

Hi well the first thing to check is does the USB case support a 3tb drive most times when you get that type of error it is because the 3tb is not supported by the case. You will have to check with the case manufacture to find out.