WD30EZRX not responding/wake up after PC recovers from Sleep


I recently updated my Win 7 rig to Windows 8 and have been experiencing the following strange behaviour:

After the PC recovers from S3 sleep the specific HD ( WD30EZRX) does not appear to respond/spin up at all. In other words it appears in windows explorer but clicking on it results in explorer to restart eventually since the drive does not respond whatsoever. In order to make the drive accessable from Windows I need to perform a restart of shutdown the system…

No HW upgrade has been performed and I had no similar problems when using Windows 7.

Any ideas?

The internal hard drive might be going into sleep mode. Try going to the Control Panel/Power Options/Change plan settings/Change advanced power settings/Hard Disk, and set the time to turn of the internal hard drive, you can try increasing the time to see if it works better for you.