WD30EZRX (Green Caviar 3TB) and Windows Home Server v.1.0 compatibility


I have an HP X510 Windows Home Server where I’d like to increase the capacity of the current drives with the new  WD30EZRX 3TB model. I’ve been reading extensively about the Advanced Format issue and how we need to run aligment software if using it with XP, but there is no specific reference to compatibility wtih Windows Home Server (v1.0. or 2003), which is what I currently have on my HP X510 box.

I plan to use these drives both as additional storage to my home computers and as backups to that additional storage. When I load a new drive on a bay or via USB to my X510 I can log it as ‘storage’ or ‘backup’ drive, so my question about the WD30EZRX 3TB model with regards to my X510 is the following: will the drive work straight out of the box without need for any aligment software (as I am not installing any OS on it, just using it as either storage or backup)? 

Many thanks for any feedback you may have on this topic. I really want to install the WD30EZRX 3TB drives on my X510 WHSv1.0., but I need to make sure they’ll work - If it’s a tricky installation I’d rather stick to the 2TB drives for now!

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Normally, WD tech support recommends to contact the computer or server manufacturer to verify the compatibility.