WD30EZRX ERROR 0225 after few days .What about replace with CAVIAR RED?

Hi All,

I have bought 2HD 3TB ( WD30EZRX ) and I have had immediately read/write problem. NOT used as 24/7 days!!

On one HD, I have done ZERO write via DOS with DLGDIAG 5.2

Formatted with WIN 7 (on an SSD) in GPT and NTFS, copied 2TB. At the new power on of the PC, Windows doesn’t start. With DLGDIAG 5.2 in DOS the Extended Test says ERROR CODE 0225 “Too many errors found, please contact techincal support”. I’m doing RMA for this HD. The matter is that the second HD has exactly the same code and production date of the failure one!!!


  1. Should I worry??? Should I RMA also for the second HD??

  2. The CAVIAR RED are suitable for be used in NON raid systems? Are suitable to be used as Backup drive, Switched on twice/day for 2 hour and the switch off?

Hi, if the test fails for both, I would replace them. Yes, you can also use red drives as single drives also.