WD30EZRX Detect Just 746.0 GB

Hi All,

I have a westren digital Hard drive with size 3 GB ( P.N:- WD30EZRX ) The windows detect Just 746 GB from Capacity a try to align Drive but did not work then i try to adjust and configure the Jumper and did not work if any body have any idea to make my windows ( XP pro 32 Bit ) to Detect all Capacity .

Thanks in Advance

Check if your motherboard supports 3TB HDDs or if it has any BIOS updates to make it compatible, if its not compatible you might need to get a HDD controller card so you can use it.

Windows XP will not detect more than 2TB 

but as Alucard mention you can check for Bios updates to get more capacity 

the mother board does not seem to support the drive