WD30EZRS: DLGDIAG reports 24TB capacity + no S.M.A.R.T. or S/N info

I have a WD30EZRS-00J99B0 that reports 24 TB capacity in DLGDIAG while being unable to report any S.M.A.R.T. information or even a serial number. Under properties, the drive lists a health warning. The drive is the 2nd replacement of drives of the same model that exhibited the exact same problems (all of them). The two replacements have been faulty from arrival, but the original drive worked fine for about 4 months before it suddenly stopped working (it wasn’t even during a power cycle).

I’ve tried using the drives both in my Synology DiskStation 1511+ and attached via USB to both a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine and one with Windows 7 Pro SP1. The DS1511+ refuses to acknowledge the drives. Windows XP Pro detects hardware, but doesn’t list the drives (DLGDIAG can see them, though). Windows 7 Pro can see the drives (and, curiously, reports the correct capacity), but DLGDIAG fails the drives during the Quick/Extended tests stating that there are too many bad sectors to complete the test.

Are there any reports that WD30EZRS-00J99B0 are acting strange with DLGDIAG or am I simply unlucky enough to have received three defective drives out of four? I did notice that the 1st replacement was a recertified drive (which came back straight from WDC) and the 2nd replacement seems to have been a demo drive (at the dealer), but it’s still rather strange.

I’m planning to return this last drive to the dealer again and simply ask for my money back. It should be possible after two defective replacements. If I get my money back, I’ll replace the drive with a WD30EZRX and hope for the best. At least the RAID array is redundant (once I get a working drive again). :slight_smile:


Before returning the drive to the seller, have you install the drive directly to your computer? Do you have experience the same issue?