WD30EFRX unusable partition

Hi my WD red 3tb drive will only partition to 2tb leaving 750+gb unusable can any one tell me why this is so?
on windows 10 64bit…
thanks paul

A screen shot of the partition table might help someone help you. What did you use to try to partition it?

This what i mean 750gb and i cant do anything with it i used windows disk managment allso i tried the WD version of acronis or somthing?

I use the Minitool Partition Wizard (Free). Some partitions created outside of windows, like by a NAS, are not recognized by Windows.

is that software on WD site i tried a couple of there?

No. Google it.

could be “convert to GPT disk” option in disk management dialog to help recognize all the space available in 3TB drive?