WD30EFRX Strange beeping sound, disk not recognized

Hi, I wasn’t getting much technical support from Western Digital Red 24/7 phone support so I thought I’d try here.

My power supply died in my server PC recently (Windows home server 2011). I had three Western Digital Red 3TB drive in it as well as a WD Green 2TB. I put a new PSU in the pc and now all my Red drives are making a strange beeping sound when I turn it on. They take a long time for my BIOS to recognize the drives. Like an extra 5-10 minutes. Once I am finally booted into WHS2011 my WD Red drives are not even found by Windows. The Reds were not in an array, they were just formated GPT with NTFS.

I’m hoping there is an easy fix and I don’t have to RMA all of these drives. I’d also like to save some of the data if I can. I find it strange these drives would all stop working but my others work just fine. My Green and my SSD system drive still work just fine.

I recorded a video of the sound here. It sounds like three different beeps. One long tone, then one short beep, then another long tone. This video is just one drive making the noise. 


Is this repairable? What does this sound mean? and what should I do about my data?

Thanks in advance!

  • Joseph

I would try running a test using DLG, also try connecting one hard drive at a time, since it my be a low energy problem. 


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I listed to the video you posted on dropbox, it sounds like you hard drive is motor stuck, do you hear it spinning? I have similar drive  WD30EFRX-68AX9N0 it looks like you will need to have some technicians look at it or just get a replacement from WD, they are very good with replacements, the best manufacture in the market