WD30EFRX free space

After you connect the disk 3TB for NAS WD30EFRX  Red editions, shows program Disk Director capacity  free space 746.5 GB. Bios disk correctly recognizes, but the capacity of the free place he doesn’t answer 3TB.
The System is Windows XP Profesional, MB Gigabyte Technology GA-MA780G-UD3H (Socket M2). How can I fix it?

Hi Primo,

I have been researching and checking forums trying to solve a very similar issue excepting I was trying to RAID 1 a pair of these on the Southbridge of a GA-EP45 DS3R in preference to software RAID but have given up as I believe the MB is too old or rather the BIOS is not the new EFI/UEFI type.  My MB/system is an older one but I have upgraded to Windows 7 64bit recently.  The OS recognises the disks at approx 2.72 TB (Disk Manager) and I am able to get Windows 7 to place them in RAID 1 but when I look in the BIOS they are reported as 746.5.  From what I read in different forums and sites the BIOS has to support the larger disc formats too and the latest BIOS for my board I think is about 2010 vintage so I am out of luck.

I found the following article really helpful at understanding the basics.  Apologies in advance if you are already on top of this information.


So I think to solve my issue I need to do a MB upgrade in the near future…$$$.

Parting comment:

It would be really handy if someone who has in depth knowledge about the utilisation of the larger format drives did a flow chart that takes prospective users through the process of deciding whether their PC or device will manage the larger drives.  Please include OS information, bios and RAID information, what to look for in a motherboard or device.  I realise that these specifications can be pretty diverse between manufacturers but a generalised approach would still be informative.