WD30EFRX format weirdness

New WD30EFRX drive unable to format to full capacity. Win7 splits drive into two partitions, first 2TB second 750GB…

The second partition is unavailable – addressing maybe?

Am I missing drivers for Win 7 and XP?

Thx …

Do you have the option to make a GPT partition? MFT partitions can only go up to 2.2 GB, which is probably the 2 GB you are seeing in the primary partition. The sum of the partitions you have equals about what you would get if you had a single partition. Remember that formatted capacity is always less than raw label capacity. A 4 TB drive on my system reports 3.63 TB in properties. A 3 TB drive yields a net 2.72 TB formatted capacity.

EDIT: You should be able to partition the drive with GPT in Windows 7. However, Windows can only boot from such a disk if the system has a UEFI BIOS.

“As of 2010, most current operating systems support GPT. Some, including OS X and Microsoft Windows, only support booting from GPT partitions on systems with EFI firmware, but most modern Linux distributions (such as Debian) can boot from GPT partitions on systems with either legacy BIOS firmware interface or EFI.”

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT_Disk