Dear WD2GO team I am trying to use the services but acording to chrome and firefox Java isnt supported anymore due to npapi being removed does tthis mean I cant use your site?

Have you tried other browsers?

I have Internet Explorer and SeaMonkey on mine along with Chrome and AOL 9.7. See image below about Chrome and wd2go and why it no longer works. When this comes up click on More Info.

Have you tried the My Cloud Apps, Desktop,Photos and Mobile?

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cat0w (USA)

see my problem with the apps is im not on a windows machine so Internet explorer don’t work I am on linux and I am not sure what to do if firefox and chrome no longer support java

Hopefully WD will fix this Java needed access for WD2GO. At work we have quit using Java enabled apps becasue of security issues, this comes from our IT department. Along with the Poodle security risk this makes the My Cloud basically only for internal use.

thanks for the reply do you have any tips or? I dont mind using my phone but if im traveling with my laptop I would need access you see